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1. Q. Why lease a car?

A. Purchasing a car is more capital intensive. Leasing a vehicle allows you to pay an affordable monthly fee (incl. OB) and gives you ease of mind as you will have a new car with low maintenance requirements.

2. Q. When leasing a vehicle, are repairs, service and road tax included in the lease price?

A. Our basic lease Options covers all repairs, service and road tax. You even get a rental car while your car is in the shop.

3. Q. Can anyone lease a car?

A. Any business that has met our requirements (such as a credit check) can lease a car.

4. Q. Do you only work with one brand?

A. No, we offer all major brand vehicles.

5. Q. Is my lease car insured?

A. Yes, all lease Options include a comprehensive all-risk coverage.

6. Q. What Options do you offer?

A. Our most popular option is the 4 year/25.000 km a year lease. We offer a choice in leasing, so depending on your leasing needs, we offer a plan that is right for you.

7. Q. Is gas included?

A. Not standard.

8. Q. Can I lease a used vehicle?

A. We offer new cars or nearly new cars that have returned to our lease fleet.

9. Q. Is a downpayment required?

A. Vehicle Options Lease does require a deposit which is refunded at the expiration of the Leasing contract less any possible damages to the car.